Academics vs Sleep: The Math

I just made a great find on OCS academics.  These are real scans of chapters out of the 2009 (I think) Student outlines book, which you will call your “Knowledge” while at OCS.

This is the real curriculum.  If you are a motivator and want a leg up, having this stuff memorized would put you at a HUGE advantage when you get there.

I remember getting to the rack, with this math:

8 hours from lights to lights.

-1 (30 minutes on either end to get stuff done with personal gear)

-1 (firewatch)

-.5 (getting ready for, getting undressed after firewatch)

-1.5 (homework/studying for tests)

-.25 (reading/writing letters)

= 3.75 hours of sleep.

This was a very typical night. Some were worse, some were better. Imagine cutting out that homework section! 3.75 hours of sleep vs. 5.25. Let that motivate you.

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