OCS Packing List

Packing for Marine Corps Officer Candidate School (OCS) can be a challenging and overwhelming task, especially if you are not sure what items are required or recommended to bring. To help you prepare, we’ve put together a list of essential items to pack for OCS.

Note: USMC policies are subject to change without prior notice. It is recommended to check with your Officer Selection Officer (OSO) to confirm any guidelines or restrictions. Unauthorized items may need to be disposed of upon arrival at OCS.


(2) collared wrinkle-free shirts (1 worn)

(1) pair wrinkle-free khaki slacks

(2) undershirt (1 worn)

(2) pair dress socks

(2) pairs of slacks, pressed, with belt (1 worn)

(1) pair of dress shoes (clean, worn)

(5) pairs of underwear

(5) sports bras (females)

(2) pair white washcloths

(1) pair of shower shoes, aka flip flops

(3-4) pair of extra PT shorts

(1) rugged, water-resistant watch (82% of our fans recommend the Suunto Core All Black Military Men’s Outdoor Sports Watch)

Shoes, Boots, and Socks

(1) pair of Bates lights PT/Garrison boots

(2) pairs of running shoes, preferably purchased within three months.

(10-20) generic sets boot bands (you can never have enough)

(5 – 10) Hook & Loop Blousing Garter  

(4-6) pair coyote brown boot socks (Thorlo or Fox River)Issued socks are underweight, aren’t modern material, and don’t protect your feet nearly as well. (please get yourself good boot socks)

See our review of Fox River Socks vs Thorlo:

Misc Recommended (Hacks)

(10) Ziploc 6 1/2″ x 5 7/8″ Sandwich Bag

(10) Ziplock Storage Quart Bags

(5) Small bungee cord (for OCS and TBS)

(1) Bore snake (a lifesaver and will save you many hours cleaning your weapon at OCS, TBS, and throughout your career)


(1) toothbrush

(1) toothpaste

(1) razor

(1) packs of extra blades

(1) hygiene bag

(1) small towel to use for showering before your gear issue

(1) nail clippers (essential for inspection)

(1) tube deodorant

(1) bottle antibacterial body wash and scrubber

(1) small mirror such as this for field hygiene and camo paint application

(2) small travel bottles of mouthwash (essential for inspection)

(1) tube Lotrimin Ultra

(1) can shaving cream (medium size)

(1) bottle of shampoo+body wash combo

(1) tube of Body Glide

(1) bottle of 4 oz hand sanitizer

(1) Small field hygiene mirror (we recommend featherweight camping mirrors)

(2) quick-drying towels (small for travel)

(1) pack of 40-count moist/baby wipes

(25) black hair ties (females)

(2) travel-size hair spray (females)

(2) travel-size hair gel (females)

(2-3) cycles of feminine hygiene (females)

Banking and Cash

Cash or credit/debit for initial issues in the amount specified on the 60-day letter. At least $500.00 of cash or credit/debit ($400 in 100’s, $100 in 1’s and 5’s)

Prior Enlisted and PLC SR Candidates and other

All PLC SR Candidates will bring their complete initial uniform issue they received during PLC JR.

** All non prior-service candidates will be issued and properly fitted for boots at Officer Candidates School.  Candidates are also encouraged to purchase USMC regulation boots prior to arrival at OCS in order to begin a break-in period (they may also bring this pair of boots with them, but they will still be issued boots).  Candidates are recommended to become accustomed to wearing boots prior to arrival. USMC Boot Fit Guide

In addition to the above requirements, all prior enlisted active or reserve Marine candidates and those Marine reservist, MECEP and Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) candidates who will report to OCS within 90 days of his/her End of Active Service (EAS) will bring the following: 2 sets of Woodland MARPAT Combat Utilities2 set of Desert MARPAT Combat Utilities2 pairs of seasonal boots1 Woodland Digital Cover1 Desert Digital Cover1 Woodland Digital Boonie Cover1 Sea Bag2 Web Belts2 belt buckles1 green USMC sweatshirt1 green USMC sweatpants2 pairs of green PT shorts6 green t-shirts (no unit logos)6 white drawers6 pairs of boot socks

Upon arrival, two additional pairs of Woodland MARPAT Combat Utilities will be issued at no cost to candidates who are prior enlisted Marines still considered on active or reserve status, or IRR Marines less than 90 days past their EAS.  Prior enlisted Marines will not receive a new issue of boots. These candidates will purchase (credit/debit card, cash, NAVMC 604 form) all items that are not brought in order to complete the total purchase.

Classroom and Mics items

1 six inch ruler

2 Mechanical or #2 pencils

2 Highlighters

1 Pack of 4 fine point map pens

Personal name stamp kit (1/2 in. capital letters with tape)

1 Roll of electrical tape

1 Pair of small scissors

10 Ziploc bags – Quart

10 Ziploc bags – Gallon

1 Roll of duct tape

2 Erasable red pens

4 Cheap dish rags

1 Box of 375 count cotton swabs (short handle)

1 Pack of 100 count cotton swabs (long handle)

Shipping packet from your OSO (including copies of your orders to OCS)

Copies of dependent’s papers (marriage certificate, divorce decree, birth certificates…)

Health, dental, or shot records

Drivers license

Cell phone and charger (will be turned in to the staff and given back at liberty)

Sharpie Rub-A-Dub marker

1 roll of clear packing tape to “laminate” things such as the covers of your candidate regs, your liberty buddy card, etc.

small notebooks (Rite in the rain 3×5 tactical). Don’t worry about having too many. You’ll use dozens across TBS and deployments!

1 box erasable black pens. Recommended: frixion

1 red LED headlamp (some candidates recommend having a backup pair)

1 rugged waterproof watch

82% of our fans recommend the Suunto Core All Black Military Men’s Outdoor Sports Watch

This is the #1 most recommended item to bring with you by former candidates:
At least four rolls of 1” (preferably waterproof) white athletic tape (hockey tape).

Covidien Medical Tape for 2017 OCS
Click for Kendall Wet-pruf Waterproof Tape Amazon Prime listing

Lastly, it can’t be reiterated enough, mark your trash before you show up. You’d be surprised at how much stuff will get stolen or lost anyway, but if your name isn’t on it, chances are you will never see it again after pickup.

78 thoughts on “OCS Packing List

    1. When I went to OCS in 1998, military style glasses were issued. I’m sure over the years that has not changed.

  1. Most of this information is outdated. Don’t be the candidate who shows up with silkies or green/black socks

  2. I went during summer and brought a lot of supplies from packing lists from this sight as well as a book about OCS. This caused a real problem for me as I honestly had so much stuff that it was tough to stay organized, much of my stuff went unused. Honestly just about everything you need you will get at gear issue. Do bring at least 2 red lens headlamps though, that is crucial.

    1. I would bring a red headlamp and a regular red lens flashlight. It all depends on who your platoon staff is; my platoon staff didn’t care if you used a red headlamp, but in another platoon, their staff would yell at them to, “get that damn thing off your head.”

    2. I would disagree. I recently attended first increment summer 2016 and a lot of the items listed were quite useful. There’s nothing more annoying than mooching off other candidates for gear or staying up all night as a result. However, the list isn’t entirely comprehensive. I recently searched around and found the following to be even better:


      The first is obviously a little old (2013) better has great info. The second looks up to date for 2017 candidates with similar gear as here but enhanced. Moral of the story is don’t skimp out on bringing gear that will help you excel at OCS. Don’t make your life harder than it needs to be.

    1. Most essential items are issued. But it helps to have spares, What item in particular were you asking about?

  3. Do you have a link for a 1/2 inch name stamp kit that uses an acceptable font? I can only imagine they would want everyone’s name tapes to look the same.

  4. Everything on this list is all well and good…but I would not recommend Bates Lights. They are poorly crafted and have what is called “boot bite.” ( an impingement on the top of the boot, that hurts like a mother). They also will do you know good (unless you have already good technique) on the many rope climbs during OCS ( both wet and dry) Highly recommend the Danner Reconings, better build and better grip for the rope climbs. I did all ten weeks in these suckers and they were awesome. A few guys didn’t like the hikes in them, they preferred RAT boots, but hikes are a different animal.

    Either way you go, invest in GOOD insoles. Do you research, I used cheap ones on the beginning and got wicked shin splints. I switched to SweetFeet Orange insoles and my life changed.

  5. is the Kendall Wet-pruf Waterproof Tape allowed? A kid who went through said his SI didn’t allow it because it was a different material. Has anyone went through without any problems recently?

    Thank you.

  6. Just a note, the link you left to the 1 inch athletic tape is actually a link to 2 inch tape

    1. If your glasses have to feature of tinting when in sunlight is that ok? Or, do they require clear glass lenses? Sun screen? Mole skins? Are supplements allowed (Vitamin D etc.,) life straw for clean water filtering on the trail? Electrolight tables for water bottles?

  7. Do we need to buy all these things or are they provided at PLC/OCS? There seems to be a lot of things that we have to buy ourselves.

  8. I just got out of OCC 239, and you really only need a normal watch. Please don’t recommend the SUUNTO anymore as it’s incredibly overpriced. I got a $7 watch at Walmart that told the time and that’s really all you need a watch for while you’re at OCS. Please save your money for later once you’ve actually earned the title & commission.

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