Stretching Program for OCS

This is a great stretching workout I do all the time.  It hits your entire body, and is adapted from the famous P90X Stretch-X DVD workout program.  Stretching is key in injury prevention, so don’t miss this component of your pre-OCS workouts!

Neck Stretch
Reach one arm behind body, grab wrist of that arm with other hand and pull while tilting your head in opposite direction of side you are pulling. Do other side

Back Up the Car
With arms straight out at shoulder height, Slowly look over shoulder on each side. Held for a nice long count.

Head rolls
To each side, and hold for a 5 count each side

Expand/Contract Back Chest Shoulder Stretch
Nice upper back chest stretch, first clasp hands behind and drop your hands down behind you, stretching out your upper chest, then reverse-stretch your upper back by stretching hands down in front of you

Topas shoulder stretch
In horse stance start in prayer position open arms straight out with palms up pointing thumbs behind you.

Wrist-forearm flex
While on hands and knees done in 2 positions, fingers pointed in and fingers pointed back, leaning back and forth and toward the back, REALLY stretching the forearms and wrist. Nice!

Seated spinal stretch
Seated spinal stretch

Seated Spinal Stretch on each side

Cat Stretch
Nice and slow; both arch your back up and bend downwards too

Cat stretch
Cat stretch

Glute stretch
Lie on back place one ankle on opposite thigh. Reach through and pull your knee toward you. Repeat other side. Nice hip opener as well

Arm Circles

Shoulder-Tricep Combo stretch
Extend one arm at shoulder height, pull toward your body. Take same arm and do standard Tricep stretch. Repeat other side

Side twist
From forward fold place right hand on floor reach left arm up and look to ceiling. Do both sides.

Good instruction given here.
Standing side stretch

Rolling in a ball on your back 10 times

Shoulder Stand to Plough pose

Back Hero
Kneel with knees and feet wider than hips, slowly lie backward to stretch quads.

Kenpo quad Stretch
Sit on bent leg in front of you with back leg extended. Reach back grabbing back ankle and pull toward you stretching quad. Both sides

Bow pose

Low Squat
Stand with feet shoulder width apart, squat all the way down keeping chest and head up with hands in prayer. Use elbows to press against thighs and open hips. Rock slowy back and forth.

One hands and knees, les spread wide in parallel position. Lower upper body down toward floor while gently pressing hips backward. He shows nice modifications for this one, and it is an awesome stretch.

Seated Single-leg Hamstring stretch
One leg out, the other foot up on inner thigh, reach forward. Do both sides. Each is held a long time.

Hamstring stretch
Hamstring stretch

Seated Two-leg stretch
Hold for a long time

Ballistic Hamstring Stretch
Keeping both lebs straight with flexed feet, scissor legs sot that one is parallel with floor and other is pointing up, whitch back and forth.

Standing split leg Hamstring Stretch
Take a step forward with one leg with heels aligned, turn back heel out, exhale forward over front leg

Toe Flexor
Point and flex feet and do circles to loosen up ankles

Downward Dog with calf stretches

downward dog
The Downward Dog

Upward Dog with Ankle stretch

Child’s pose with right and left side stretches

child's pose
Child's Pose

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