Confused Boots: What You Need to Know

A reader brought up a few good questions about boots.  Since your boots are so important, I’m going to make an entire post just about boots.  If I get any new boot-related questions, I will just keep updating this same post.

Bates Lights

Candidates are issued a pair each of jungles and ICBs. ICB stands for Infantry Combat Boot, and is a good heavier duty boot with a thicker sole.

I suggest breaking in a pair of Bates lights boots, and keeping one pair of boots clean and perfect for inspections.  You can use the Bates on runs and for PT, especially for when you’re going to get your feet wet (they drain well).  However, Bates lights don’t grip the ropes well, so I would recommend wearing another pair for rope climbs.

Buy lots of good thick boot socks to avoid blisters! I wore boot sock liners throughout, to good effect.

6 thoughts on “Confused Boots: What You Need to Know

    1. They are the best for running and CFTs, so after OCS consider buying a pair. Otherwise, I’ll hopefully get signed a lucrative endorsement deal by Danner because they are the best boots out there. Stay tuned!

  1. Thank you so much for maintaining this blog, it’s an invaluable resource.

    Quick question, I know a candidate is allowed to purchase and break in their own pair of boots. Can one buy a second pair of boots and use them only for inspection purposes, so the “regular-use” boots don’t have to be cleaned?

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