Candidate Question: PFT and CFT Rest

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Candidate Question:

I have a question about the PFT and the CFT. Are the events (like pull-up, 3 mile run and crunches) back to back or is there a rest period in between?


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I have always gotten enough time to catch my breath, get some water and even do a little quick stretching in between. At OCS, you will have so much time in between events that the worry is muscles cooling too much if it is winter or fall, in my opinion. They take a few minutes to total everyone’s scores and give instructions for the following event. Same for the PFT & CFT. The Official Marine Corps order for the CFT actually mandates a minimum of five minutes between events, so you will never be too rushed for the CFT.

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  1. The first answer is entirely true. At OCS you will be running PFT/CFT in large groups so you will have enough time in between each event to cool off and stretch/prepare for the next event.

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