Candidate Question: Crossfit for OCS?

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Candidate Question:

Do you recommend CrossFit to prepare for Marine Corps OCS?


Crossfit is a great workout program and might help some get ready for OCS (hey, better than nothing) but in my opinion, it does not prepare you for most OCS workouts except indirectly. Some Crossfit workouts are perfect preparation for OCS, for example, the runs, push-ups, and box jumps. However, you won’t do most Crossfit workouts at OCS–almost no dumbbell or barbell workouts at all.

So I definitely do not recommend it for everybody. I would say to most people, you need focus on bodyweight exercises, and need lots of running for starters. After OCS, I highly recommend Crossfit for your general fitness. The best OCS preparation workouts are OCS workouts.

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