Officer Candidates School: Sample Schedule

Do you feel like you have so much information about OCS that you don’t want to be any better prepared? Of course not!  Check out this real training schedule for OCS in 2008.

While this is a few years old, I bet a 1989 OCS schedule would still be nearly identical to one today. Regardless, if you’d like to get into the precise events that happen every day, this is a goldmine for you: the OCS candidate with OCD. Or the worried spouse or girlfriend at home who wants to see what their candidate is being put through.

Although times and training days get mixed up, more recent candidates are telling the blog that the below schedule is very similar to current ones.

Click for the OCS Training Schedule
OCS Schedule Winter 2008


9 thoughts on “Officer Candidates School: Sample Schedule

  1. Awesome, thanks for posting this! Shipping to Bulldog 1st increment in May. I have to ask, what is “Transition training” ?

    1. Ethan, ahem, uh that’s to “help” you make the “transition” from civilian to Marine. Basically in the “break them down, build them up,” that’s the first part of the phase. Watch the opening scenes of Full Metal Jacket. Also it can be filler between training events.

  2. Knowing that most Marines are OCD, the training makes them that way, I’m sure this schedule is highly valued. My MCRD boot camp sons wanted copies of their schedule, even though the DI’s didn’t want them knowing what was coming up.

    1. No, sorry. Try the United States Marine Corps History Division, a branch of Headquarters Marine Corps.

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