Burn some fat! Try this example no-gym Fartlek workout

Some of you have expressed an interest in example workouts. A Fartlek is a very simple workout to understand, and is a staple of Marine OCS. Fartleks rock because you can completely tailor it to your own body and needs. Maybe this flexibility leads to analysis paralysis for some? Anyways–get your butt off the couch and try this one out!

Each workout station is separated by a quarter-mile run or 200 meter sprint. If you are just trying to get into shape, start with 200 meters per run.


-400 meter slow jog

-100 jumping jacks, starting out slowly


Run in between each workout, coasting down the last 20 meters into your next workout. Slow down or stop if you feel faint!

-Max pushups in thirty seconds

-Max crunches in one minute

-30 Star jumps (jumping jack which starts in a little squat, and you get both legs off the ground when you jump legs-out)

-Max pullups

-25 burpees

-Walk 50 meters, walk doing 25 lunges per side, walk 50 meters

-One minute of front plank

-Max pushups

-Max sittups in one minute

OCS Candidate doing pushups
No matter how hard you push yourself, someone in Quantico is training harder

Cool down

-Walk 200 meters


-Arm circles

-Ballistic stretching

-Yoga or slow stretching

This workout should be tailored to really push you in each area. If you can do more pushups, add on another station! Make sure you’re pushing yourself, because you can bet the Sergeant Instructors at OCS will push you!

Every major muscle group should be impacted with this workout. Don’t make any excuses for missing a station. If there’s no outdoor pull up bar, go to a park and do pullups on the jungle gym or the football field goal! Grab a treebranch–just don’t make any excuses.

7 thoughts on “Burn some fat! Try this example no-gym Fartlek workout

  1. Ill be trying this workout today with my fellow OCS poolees. Thanks for another awesome post.

  2. So I followed that link you have there at the bottom to the Amazon page. Should I be getting the “Tan” or the “Beige/Khaki”? Thanks

      1. Get some! Frankly if you wanted to sprint hard and short, or jog longer distances between workouts, that would be great too. Feel free to tailor any workouts on here to your own needs!

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