New Partner:

Semper Fi Parents was the Military Parent Blog Of The Year 2012 winner. For good reason, too.

These folks love their Marine and they love the Marine Corps. They would be a great resource for candidates’ families, and some of their (recruit-focused) pre-boot camp advice would nonetheless apply to those attending OCS as well. Check out the great work they’re doing and send the link to your families.

Here’s how they introduce themselves:

Join us as we chronicle our daughter’s life as a member of the finest fighting force the world has ever known, the United States Marine Corps. We also present articles about Marines in wartime, Marine Corps Boot Camp training, Marine Corps history and traditions, notable Marines, up-to-date Marine Corps news from a variety of sources, and much more. Join us here at Semper Fi Parents.

The Military Parent Blog Of The Year 2012 winner is exactly what it sounds like–proud parents of a Marine covering topics of interest to Marine families and Marines in general

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