Marine Corps Charity: The Marine Graduation Foundation

Candidates, we highly recommend you support the good work of this charity which helps our enlisted brothers and sisters and their families. Learn more at

About the Marine Graduation Foundation:

The men and women who choose to serve our country as a United States Marine endure more in one day of boot camp than most of us will ever experience in a lifetime and they do this every day for 13 weeks so that you and I can sleep at night knowing they are there to protect us.

None of these men and women should ever have to be alone on the day they can proudly say, “I am a United States Marine”. Sadly though, there are many Marines without their families when this day finally comes. Not every family can afford the trip to Parris Island, SC, or San Diego, CA, to share this day with their new Marine, and that is just not acceptable.

The Marine Graduation Foundation became a recognized non-profit organization in May 2005 with the help of people like yourself who chose to make a difference. We are now seeking funds to ensure that NO NEW MARINE is standing alone without the support of his or her family on Family Day and Graduation. No donation is too small and with your help, we can make Family Day, as well as the Graduation, a proud, memorable day for a man or woman who has chosen to serve our country as a United States Marine. Thank you in advance for your kindness.

A simple mission that is Shock and Awe for the parents of a New Marine, PRICELESS memories!

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