Marine Corps Silkies

Did you know that Marine Corps silkies are the best, lightest, most inexpensive, and most beloved underwear+running short in the world?

And did you know that the Marine Corps is trying to ban them?

Marine Corps Silkies in battle
Marine Corps silkies in battle!

Never fear. They are still for sale last I checked on Amazon, and we can only hope that they will never go away! There is currently a quiet revolution among all Marines with good taste and sexy white thighs, as many simple Devil Dogs are doing what they know is right, and continuing to wear the silkies to PT. Some Marines hated them. So be it. I can’t help it that your boxers would shoot out the bottom of the little shorts. I can’t help it that Hooters booty shorts are actually a little longer. (confirmed)

I can’t help it that everyone looks good in them, like Terminal Lance discovered:

Terminal Lance USMC Silkies comic
The Terminal Lance website gives love to silkies on men and women

Silkies have fans of both genders. Silkies have their own facebook page. They make Marines look good. Just like our dress blues. Silkies should never die. Wear them today, wear them forever. Semper Fi, Silkies.

USMC PT shorts Silkies
The greatest Marine Corps PT shorts + Underwear since 1775. Click to get your own.

5 thoughts on “Marine Corps Silkies

  1. Yeah, unfortunately some Marines feel the need to wear boxers underneath them and they stick out the bottom and it looks really dumb. But also unfortunately, some of us male types are sufficiently endowed that boxers aren’t the only thing that falls out the bottom. Since OCS I have NEVER worn silikes to PT in and never will. That being said, they are undoubtedly the most light-weight and comfortable UNDERWEAR ever made. Viva la silkies… just not mandatory for PT.

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