Time-Test Marine Approved Silkies

Oh, the USMC silkies. Say again, oh, the Marine Corps time-tested Marine-approved silkie. Silkies, enjoy a cult following in the Marine Corps. Many Marine Facebook pages pay homage to the short shorts, popular T-shirts that read “sky’s out, thighs out,” and Terminal Lance comic strips dedicated to the now-banned PT gear.

In a recent Headquarters, Marine Corps press released a trial run for new physical training uniforms started. The PT short will be basketball-style and constructed in olive drab green performance fabrics with black mesh side panels and a longer inseam than the current general-purpose trunk. 

photo adopted from https://taskandpurpose.com/news/marine-corps-pt-uniform/

But for those stead-fast Marines who prefer the more, well, should we say, silkie feel the silkie remains an optional running short for those who prefer a shorter inseam, a.k.a silkie.

One such group of veterans has dedicated their mission around the infamous silkie. Irreverent Warriors, a non-profit veteran organization, holds its Silkies Hikes. Irreverent Warrior’s Silkies Hikes bring Veterans together using humor and camaraderie to improve mental health and prevent Veteran suicide.

Hiking in combat boots and carrying a ruck has been an essential part of military culture and training since the beginning of time. Combat and non-combat veterans alike enjoy the camaraderie created during shared misery. 

According to the founders of Irreverent Warriors, “Silkies are an old military tradition that the military has eliminated. We have chosen to revive it because of the nostalgia and laughter they create.”

The laughter and the sense of purpose remind us that the brotherhood and camaraderie that we once had in the military will never die, and we’ll always be there for each other.

To join the Irreverent Warriors check out their calendar of events.

Never fear the green silkie is still available on Amazon, and we can only hope that they will never go away! 

5 thoughts on “Time-Test Marine Approved Silkies

  1. Yeah, unfortunately some Marines feel the need to wear boxers underneath them and they stick out the bottom and it looks really dumb. But also unfortunately, some of us male types are sufficiently endowed that boxers aren’t the only thing that falls out the bottom. Since OCS I have NEVER worn silikes to PT in and never will. That being said, they are undoubtedly the most light-weight and comfortable UNDERWEAR ever made. Viva la silkies… just not mandatory for PT.

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