OCS Tips and Tricks: Field-stripping an MRE Video

How to reduce weight and bulk before a hump or field exercise by field-stripping an MRE.

Awesome MRE Nicknames

Courtesy Wikipedia (MRE)

“Mr. E” (mystery)
“Meals Rejected by Everyone”
“Meals, Rarely Edible”
“Meals Rejected by the Enemy”
“Morsels, Regurgitated, Eviscerated”
“Mentally Retarded Edibles”
“Meal Ready to Expel”
“Meal, Ready to Excrete”
“Materials Resembling Edibles”
“Morale Reducing Elements”
“Meals Rejected by Ethiopians”.

2 thoughts on “OCS Tips and Tricks: Field-stripping an MRE Video

  1. I would keep the beverage bag. If you’re okay with taking the powdered juice straight as powder, which if you’re at OCS, you’ll become pro at, then toss it. But sometimes during the moments where you actually have a little extra time, you might decide you want something to drink other than water.

    Since you’re out in the field, you might want something to clean with. Hint hint – moist toilettes.

    Lastly the salt. You want as much salt as you can get. You can’t treat it like the Gatorade and take it straight to the head. But if you’re the type that sweats profusely, with as much water as you’re in-taking, you NEED that salt. At OCS, salt is your best friend! I’ve seen candidates get plugged (literally) because they became a heat casualty.

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