What are the recent PFT scores getting accepted and rejected?

Candidates, this post serves just as a single page to share gouge on the recent trends in PFT scores. The below are real life candidates who have shared their stats in the last month:

Candidate 1, Aviation Contract:

“300 pft
3.78 GPA
8/8/8/58 ASTB
2 Yrs men’s intercollegiate Volleyball
Lots of volunteer service including leadership experience
Age waiver- I’m 27


..Not a whole lot more I can do. Good luck to the rest of you.
Semper Fi”


Accepted Packages:

“PFT-287, accepted w/ aviation contract. PLC Juniors complete”

“265, accepted, ground contract OCC 211”

“300, OCC 211, ground, selected”

“281 and got picked up on my first board, air contract”


“300 and accepted. Leaving on Tuesday!”

“290 and leaving Tuesday morning”

“295…See you all on Tuesday!”


Rejected Packages:

“294, non-select, Ground contract, OCC 211”

A Little Older:

“276, PLC jr & sr complete, ground”

“242 3 years ago Ground accepted”

“285. PLC Combined 2010, Air.”

Candidate Gouge:

“I’m applying for PLC. I have a friend who applied and was accepted on the last board last year (I believe he told me it was the 7th board). He told me the average PFT for selection for his board was a 272”

Please post your PFT score and status to help out your fellow candidates.

No need to put your name.

173 thoughts on “What are the recent PFT scores getting accepted and rejected?

  1. Accepted last week.
    Law contract.
    PFT: 288
    UGPA: 3.65, Political Science
    LGPA (top 50 law school): 2.92
    Softs: MBA/MHA (GPA: 3.65, 4.0, respectively)
    Occupation: Graduate Research Assistant, Bartender.

    There aren’t many posts about law contracts. Hope this helps a prospective law contract.

    1. PRB,

      My husband’s application is going before the board today.
      PFT: 290
      Bachelors in Criminal Justice
      A lot of leadership activity on campus… Couldn’t tell you what it all was
      He’s at University of Oklahoma Law and on Dean’s List (1L)
      Also, a letter of rec from the Major.

      I am really hopeful!

    2. PRB; thanks for the update – I am law contract as well. I assume you were selected for OCC?

  2. PFT 278
    GPA 3.1 from a state university – legal studies/polisci
    Volunteer Firefighter

    Preselected for January 2017, see you guys down there. Can’t remember the OCC board number at the moment.

  3. Female Applicant, 27 years old, for July 2016 Board.
    Pre-selected for May 2017
    Ground Contract

    282 PFT:
    24 min 3 mile (run in the humidity and heat of Charleston, SC)
    8 Pull-ups for 100 points
    100 Crunches for 100 points

    First board, started application process in Jan 2016. Two waivers: medical and tattoo.

    Went to Clemson University, Business Management Degree. 2 years managing a kickboxing gym after graduation.

  4. Just got the word from my OSO today that i’ve been pre-selected for 229 with an active duty ground contract.

    Here are some of my stats:

    Senior at Fordham University. Will be graduating in May.
    Major: Economics
    GPA: 3.4
    PFT: 280 (22 Pull-Ups, 112 Crunches, 20:40 3-mile run)

    Leadership: Student government (Class Senator), did one year of rowing and one year of rugby, former Boy Scout, Track and Field/Cross Country team captain in senior year of high school, played two years of high school basketball, and had a summer internship at a large investment bank

    Volunteer: High School tutor, volunteer at my local parish back home, currently volunteering at a retirement home, and did some volunteer work with Boy Scouts as well

    Good LOR’s from my manager, a CEO, professors, former Scoutmaster, and a former infantry Marine

    NO Waivers!!

  5. Selected for PLC Jrs this summer, second increment
    PFT: 270
    Air Contract
    GPA: 3.1
    Major: Political Science w/ focus on International Relations
    Achievements and Misc: Bronze Congressional Award, loads of community service, great LOR, no waivers, loads of leadership and hard manual labor experience.

  6. Female Applicant
    PLC Juniors
    3.9 GPA
    Criminal Justice Major
    Ground Contract
    260 PFT
    I applied for the program a week before the last board of the year for the PLC Juniors program and was accepted.

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