Marine Corps Leadership Traits: Courage

Candidates, this is a post in a series of leadership posts relating specifically to the Marine Corps Leadership traits–the most basic introduction to the Corps’ philosophies that you will learn about at OCS. Study the leadership traits and other lessons ahead of time on our academics page.

Courage Definition

Courage is what allows you to remain calm while recognizing fear. Moral courage means having the inner strength to stand up for what is right and to accept blame when something is your fault. Physical courage means that you can continue to function effectively when there is physical danger present.

Physical courage is what first comes to mind to most people when thinking about Marines being courageous. However, moral courage is possibly more important. There are probably more opportunities for you to show moral courage than physical. Moral courage enables you to stay true to your integrity, even when in a confrontation with a superior.

Suggestions for Improvement

You can begin to control fear by practicing self-discipline and calmness. If you fear doing certain things required in your daily life, force yourself to do them until you can control your reaction.

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Marine Corps Leadership Traits

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