Pull-ups and the Female PFT

Pull-ups In, Flexed Arm Hang Out

Finally the long-discussed changes to the female PFT were announced by the Commandant in a message to all Marines last November.

Effective 1 January 2014, pull-ups will replace the Flexed Arm Hang (FAH). This change will take place in two phases with phase one beginning 1 January 2013. Phase one will serve as a transition period and is intended to allow commanders and individual female marines to adjust individual and unit training routines to prepare for implementation of the new requirements.

Pull-up Scoring For Female Marines:

Eight (8) Pull-ups Equal 100 Points
Seven (7) Pull-ups Equal 95 Points
Six (6) Pull-ups Equal 85 Points
Five (5) Pull-ups Equal 75 Points
Four (4) Pull-ups Equal 65 Points
Three (3) Pull-ups Equal 40 Points

Minimum Passing PFT Score for Female Pullups

To Pass The Pull-up Portion Of This Event, Females Will Be Required To Execute At Least Three (3) Pull-ups.

Recommended Training Program

Check out the great training program on Armstrong Pullup Program.com, the Armstrong Pullup Program for Women.

Armstrong Pullup Program
Major Charles Lewis Armstrong’s Pullup Program is of course the number one pullup workout anywhere for PFT success.

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2 thoughts on “Pull-ups and the Female PFT

  1. It hasn’t become required yet, but it’s coming. They are transitioning to it. Unlike in previous years, there was no female O-Course this year. It was only the Srs O-Course which is quite tall.
    I just got back from PLC Jrs and they had us do them and told us that we better have them by next summer for Srs. That, and you need the same strength in order to do the O-Course.

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