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Candidate Question:

If selected, I will be 30 years old when I start OCS in October. I am an attorney currently running a 274 PFT. I was just wondering if either my age or being a law contract would affect my OCS experience or get me singled out (either good or bad). Assuming my PT isn’t notably worse than the younger candidates, would there be anything else to look out for. Thanks for your help.


I went through OCS & TBS with a Law contract who was over 30. He got lots of attention as “The Old Man of the Marine Corps,” and for poor PT. Your PFT is good now, but make sure you use the summer to improve your PT! Look, everyone will get attention at OCS for whatever makes them different at all. Tall or short, skinny, strong, or weak. If you are not loud and intense enough, not strong enough, or not a team-player, then the attention you get will be bad. You will be a Marine first and a lawyer or older man second, so just act like that and you will be fine. Go into OCS & TBS with the attitude that you want to show everyone that you can be a strong infantry leader, and you will win everyone’s respect. As an older man, I encourage you to help all the candidates you can who are much younger or more immature. Our OCC class went from age 22 to a few over 30, so your life experiences and academic skills from law school are advantages other young officers-to-be may lack. And don’t mention to anyone that you are a law contract unless necessary. “Rifleman first.” Semper Fi

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