Vaccine Shots at OCS

Candidate Q:

I do not have any vaccines except a tetanus shot. My question is: do you recommend getting as many shots as possible before shipping to OCS? How bad would it be to just get them all during the medical in-processing? My problem is that they are expensive and I am running out of time. Thanks very much for your help.


Do not worry about the shots. You will get whatever you need at OCS and TBS. Why pay for them ahead of time? They will be done during in-processing before the stress and PT begin. You won’t be alone if any of them cause discomfort.

Bottom Line: No need to get shots ahead of time.

One thought on “Vaccine Shots at OCS

  1. I got them all at OCS because they lost my shot records. After 7 shots and getting my blood drawn, I passed out. I didn’t have any problems with PT after that though.

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