Planning for Fitness-Tips for Frequent Travelers

Thanks so much to fitness enthusiast Mike Manning for this guest post–check out his good work on his blog

While you probably do a lot of things for your health, chances are that travel isn’t one of them. Sure, it can be relaxing to take a holiday somewhere far from home, but even traveling for pleasure comes with stressors that take a toll on physical health. Research indicates that those who travel regularly for business have increased risk of obesity and struggle with multiple health problems more than those who travel infrequently.

The good news is that you can exercise and eat right while traveling. All it takes is a little advance preparation and some mindfulness during your trip.gym

Before leaving home, make plans to stay fit and healthy.

  • Learn about running trails or tracks available at your destination.
  • If possible, select a hotel that provides fitness amenities to suit your preferences for working out. On a recent trip to San Francisco I was able to book a hotel with a 24-hour fitness center by using a travel site. This travel site listed San Francisco hotels in order of rank and from here I could click through to see how nice the fitness amenities were.
  • Pack comfortable workout clothes and good athletic shoes.
  • Bring a refillable water bottle everywhere you go to help you remain hydrated and improve your fitness level.
  • Pack an exercise band or other portable equipment to help you get a powerful workout in limited time and space.

While you journey to your destination, take time to stretch and exercise in your seat or along the aisles of your plane or train. Simple things like ankle rolls, knee lifts and overhead stretches can alleviate cramping and other discomforts experienced by travelers stuck in cramped vehicles for extended periods of time.

When you arrive at your destination, take a little time to familiarize yourself with your surroundings and get centered before running to meetings or other activities. In your hotel room, stretch or walk through a few yoga poses.

During your stay, be realistic about your personal fitness. You probably won’t be able to work out for an hour or more each day, but you can take advantage of shorter breaks in your schedule to get in a good cardio or strengthening routine. Get up early and take a short run before breakfast, or enjoy a brief workout in the hotel fitness center before morning meetings. Take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible. Choose to walk rather than drive to meetings or meals. Each little thing will add to your overall health and fitness.

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