Candidate Q: Need to Taper Workouts Before OCS?

Candidate Question:

Currently I am accepted for PLC for the first increment of Summer 2013. I’ve been training hard, achieving a 293 pft score, and been training long/short distance Fartleks; so I feel as though I have established a fine base in getting ready for OCS. My question here is when should I lower my training quantity before my ship date approx. in late May? I certainly want to be in the finest shape of my life, but I do not want to overdue working out before my 6 wks. How did you approach this obstacle?


Honestly there is quite a period (up to a week) of no PT at OCS while you in-process, get issued gear, get your shots, and do paperwork. No need to taper down training, because you will be well rested by the first time you do PT there.

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