What Pack is in Use at OCS?

Candidate Question:

I’d like to be training for OCS as realistically as possible. What kind of rucksack is currently in use for training? I’d like to get used to carrying some weight around. Training hard now may make things easier later.


The ILBE pack is currently in use but will be phased out over the next several years in the fleet, and eventually at OCS, by a newer model.

The ILBE pack, in use in the fleet until 2012, and still in use at OCS.

Any backpacking pack would work, there is absolutely no need to spend $300 to have a pack you will be issued later.

Currently the operating forces are transitioning to the USMC Pack, designed by Alliant Tech. It will eventually replace the ILBE at OCS, TBS, and other training schools.

AGAIN: There’s really no reason to buy your own ILBE pack.

It is not used in the fleet, for one. Secondly, you don’t have the flak jacket, helmet, and other gear to make the fit the same anyhow, so any hiking backpack will work fine. 

The new USMC Pack

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  1. Just some info from myself, a candidate who just finished PLC Juniors as of 6 July 2013, we used the Coyote pack, just a little bit different than the ILBE. Alot easier to use as w

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