Get Yourself the Marine Officer’s Guide if You Plan on Commissioning

The Marine Officer's Guide
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Do you wish there was a resource as good as this blog, aimed at what comes after OCS in your career? This handbook is something close to that ideal. The Marine Officer’s Guide should be mandatory reading at The Basic School for all new Second Lieutenants. It has been published for many decades, and updated periodically.

It answers many questions that lieutenants may have, or may not even think about. Its best components serve as substitute mentorship for young officers, and it definitely can give them a leg up on their competitors and peers.

Is it a perfect commissioning gift for a new lieutenant?


“Compact and logically organized, this manual has earned a reputation as the indispensable guide for generations of officers seeking up-to-date information and sound advice on the Marine Corps. Many a well-worn copy can be found on the bookshelves of officers of all grades. This new seventh edition includes all recent changes in the Corps’ organization and reflects the Gulf conflicts and the passing of the era of superpower rivalry and the century of world wars. Full descriptions of current customs and usages are included, and practices no longer used have been deleted.”

One thought on “Get Yourself the Marine Officer’s Guide if You Plan on Commissioning

  1. The book is a great resource and can answer just about any question you may have, especially those you haven’t even though to ask yet. I would caution going out and buying it, however, as it would appear that OSO’s are now issuing them out to applicants who have contracted (or at least they are in the DC area). If your OSO doesnt issue you one, you should definitely go out and pick up a copy.

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