Jump School Between OCS and TBS

Candidate Q:

I am going to be going to OCS after graduation and I have also found out that my TBS dates are approximately 2 months after I graduate from OCS. Is there any possibility of attending Jump school or any other trainings in between OCS and TBS?

OCS Blog:

No. Absolutely none. The only thing boot lieutenants can do between OCS and TBS other than sit on unpaid “Ready Reserve” is to help recruiters. The vast majority of newly commissioned lieutenants who do not go straight from OCC to TBS are just sent home without pay to wait. Once when a Second Lieutenant at TBS tried contacting the CO of jump school, it got back to the USMC Training & Education Command General, who crushed all such requests and “out-of-pipeline” training attempts. “Shut up and stay in your lane” was the message.

You're barely a real officer before TBS even begins
You’re barely a real officer before TBS even begins

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