OCS Applications: Leadership vs. GPA or PFT

A new 2nd Lt takes the oathFrom a candidate:

My father is a former Marine and has always pounded the fact that leadership experience is a must when looking to enter OCS. The folks down at Quantico don’t just want well-built men with decent brain power. They are looking for the future leaders of their organization. Someone who can gather information, react and drive a path forward in stressful situations. Prove you have done this elsewhere and your chances go up greatly.

Good luck

That’s a great reminder. Don’t get hung up on the easily quantifiable parts of your application: PFT, GPA, etc. The soft skills, experience, and the way you present yourself to your OSO matter more to the board in the big picture. An important determinant of your success on the board is the OSO’s recommendation. Ensure you make a good impression on your Officer Selection Officer!


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  1. This is the part I have been trying to work on. I have been volunteering at local community organizations. I have had jobs working with foster youth/at risk teens as well as persons with disabilities but since those are paid “jobs” it doesn’t carry the same weight I’ve heard.

    PS. I value your posts sir and I check this site near daily.

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