Correct Your Running Form: Use Your Head!

OCS PFT Finish Line, the Parade DeckYour entire posture can be influenced just by your head position, which is why the PT reps at OCS will force you to look “up” while in the plank position. This same technique can be used to help maintain proper running form, as well. Avoid looking down at your feet while you run.

Let your gaze stay at a natural level, scanning the horizon in front of you. Don’t tense your shoulders or jut out your chin. Keep a natural, relaxed “balance feeling” from the top of your body.

The relaxed feeling should extend to your feet, which should contact the ground in quiet strides that “spring” strongly with each step.

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2 thoughts on “Correct Your Running Form: Use Your Head!

  1. Sir, I read your blog before deciding on becoming an applicant. I’ve been working 6 months now, and currently a month and a half from the selection board. I’m able to do 100 sit-ups, the 70sec flexed arm hang and 8 pull-ups, my running has been a steady 23:00-23:40. I’m looking to improve the run by focusing more on sprinting various distances. My question, is breathing through the mouth a serious “don’t do” at OCS, as I’ve been hearing?

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