Do I Need All That Stuff On The Packing List?


Hello, I am heading to OCS this summer for PLC Juniors and have been following your blog site for over a year. I am familiar with the suggested “packing list” to bring to OCS on the blog. However, my OSO has told me that the only things I really will need to purchase beforehand is a decent watch and have about $500 of spending money. Is that because many of the items that are listed on the site can be purchased at OCS? I know that gear is purchased when at OCS, but for instance things like extra dress socks, head lamp, tape,markers, rulers, wash cloths, etc…. Are these things that you would personally recommend getting before leaving instead of having to worry about there?

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That is true that you can get them at OCS but everyone gets exactly the same number/quantity of everything. What if you run out of tape, like many candidates do? You can’t go out on a little shopping trip. If you brought everything from the packing list, you wouldn’t have room in your locker, but they are all suggestions. Most crucially, a head lamp and an extra pair of running shoes will be the best for summer OCS. You don’t need extra wash cloths. A couple pairs of dress socks will be enough. One ruler is fine. A couple markers is good. Try to keep your hygiene kit from getting too big also. After the first 3 or 4 weeks, you’ll be able to hit up the PX on liberty and get things you need, like more consumables (soap, tape, moleskin, batteries) so keep that in mind.

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  1. Having just graduated from the 10 week OCC class this past summer, I would recommend packing light. You will be forced to purchase a fairly large package of gear during in-processing that is more than adequate to sustain you until the liberty periods kick in. That being said, I would highly recommend bringing your own pair of broken in Bates Lites, good boot/running socks (the ones they issue are garbage), a head lamp, 1 inch tape (lots), markers/pens/mechanical pencils, skivy shorts/shirts, and hygiene gear. Extra pairs of shoes and dress pants are simply going to take up your valuable space and make you look like “that candidate”. Having extra necessities like tape, markers, and stencils will enable you to help your buddies which will pay dividends in the future. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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