Armstrong Pullup Program Too Much? Customize It Like This

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I’m thinking about doing OCC-R in two years once I finish my bachelors. Problem is that I’m 6’2″ and 258 right now. I know I have plenty of time to fix myself and get in regs so I’m not too worried about that right now.

I do have some questions though.

1. What is a suitable replacement for Fartlek right now? I’ll be doing this program indoors at a gym until it warms up around here (Mid-West USA).

2. Is the Armstrong Pullup Program helpful for me to be able to do pullups right now? I can’t do a pullup or chin up right now but I’m doing as many negatives as I can every time I go into the gym.

3. Do I follow the Armstrong program completely or just on the days that it’s listed in the program? For instance I see it’s only on the workout 3 times so does that mean I only follow the first three days of it?

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate the information on this site.


Candidate, great questions. You’ll get as many different answers as people you ask, but this is what we advise:

Use the 10-20-30 Training Concept

1. Intense circuits are great substitutes for Fartleks. Do 20 minutes of 10-20-30 cardio on the back end of an intense circuit with only short breaks between exercises.

Pre-Armstrong Pullup Program for Beginners
Try the Pre-Armstrong Pullup Program for Beginners if you can’t do 5-10 dead-hang pullups yet.

Armstrong for Beginners

2. Armstrong for Beginners is what you need to use until you can get 5-10 dead hang pullups without help. Try this until you can get enough weight off to get to that point.

General Fitness to Specific Training Needs

3. Try Armstrong just three days a week, following this program all week. The idea is to raise your general level of fitness quickly and sustainably. Then when you get closer to your PFT, you can ramp up the Armstrong and running workouts more, without losing your broad fitness base.


Keep us up to date and good luck!

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