How Do I Find a Marine Officer Recruiter? (Hint, it’s an “OSO”)

OSO: Officer Selection Officer

Marine recruiters come in two categories: generic “Recruiters” usually refers to those serving the Enlisted Marine pipeline. An “Officer Recruiter” is an OSO, or Officer Selection Officer. He works out of an OSO…the Officer Selection Office.

How to Contact an OSO

This is where the confusion comes from. You might find OSO contact information online or at your college, but it’s often out of date. The Marine Corps’ official solution is for an OSO to contact you. Simply fill out the form on the official site, and the appopriate OSO (or recruiter) should reach out to you.

Official Site

Request Information Here

Recruiting Station Lookup

Another option is to look for your local recruiting offices and try to call your nearest OSO directly. If you’re in a rush, this might be the fastest way to track down an OSO.

Marine Corps Recruiting Campaign directory.

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8 thoughts on “How Do I Find a Marine Officer Recruiter? (Hint, it’s an “OSO”)

  1. When is a good time to contact the OSO? I have a Junior in HS and I know that Officer is for me! I am excited to start the process, so I am wondering when is the soonest I can start?

    1. Although that’s pretty early, it won’t hurt to at least touch base to get a contact and any potential advice he would have for you. Definitely get in touch when you are a freshman in college, though.

  2. I live in Puerto Rico and there are no OSO here on the island. How does the process for contacting one work in this case? Do regular recruiters serve as intermediaries between the applicant and OSO, or do I have to fly over to the US to personally meet with one?

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