Gluten-Intolerance at OCS?

Candidate Question

I’m gluten intolerant. During the application process, they didn’t recognize this as a health issue. I get nauseous, experience mild to severe stomach pain, bloating, and inflammation.

  • How is the food at OCS?
  • Will I have the ability to minimize the amount of gluten I don’t have an option but to consume?


USMC crunches
Don’t be gassy here, please

Like most other things at OCS, your diet is mandatory and you have little wiggle room. They should usually allow you to skip over breads and cereals, but fruit, meat, salads, and vegetables are usually mandatory. You’ll have the most trouble when you have no choice on the main entree–whether it’s a pasta meal or when you have to eat MREs. In the field at OCS and beyond, you will eat MREs and there are no gluten-free MREs.

If the allergy is severe, get ready for some reaction. Will it torpedo your chances at OCS? No.

Bottom Line

You can make it through and plenty of gluten intolerant Marine officers are serving today.

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