Packing List Discussion: “Go-Fasters,” or “Running Shoes”

Candidate’s Question

  1. Two questions about the packing list:OCS Packing List Page
    Is there a specific brand of running shoes they want us to bring to OCS?
  2. Is it really necessary to bring two pairs of go-fasters to PLC Juniors or seniors considering they are both only six week segments?


First, very moto use of the term “go-fasters.” No need to use that OCS-specific word for “running shoes” anywhere but OCS. You’ll be socially awkward at the appropriate time,  as a candidate on liberty and a boot 2nd Lt. No need to rush things.

  1. No specific brand–whatever running shoe is best for you.
  2. It is extremely helpful to have two pairs on hand and may make the difference between your success and failure. The reason is not that your shoes will wear out, it’s that you will frequently (almost daily) run through water, mud, etc, and either you can swap out for your dry, clean pair, or your shoes never get a chance to dry out.

OCS PFT Finish Line, the Parade Deck

Dirty, wet, nasty shoes will contribute to many foot problems, most likely is (infected) blisters. If you can’t afford another pair of shoes, good luck, but if it’s easy for you to bring two pairs, you’ll be happy you have them.

6 thoughts on “Packing List Discussion: “Go-Fasters,” or “Running Shoes”

  1. For our running socks, what length do we need to bring? I bought 4 pairs of white running socks, and they are ped socks (have a bit of a rise at the ankle, but does not go above the ankle). Am I fine with this length? They were pretty expensive, and I’ve trained a little bit with them so I could get used to the feeling.

      1. Thank you, Sir. Mine are very similar and should not be noticeable with Go-Fasters on.

      2. So you are allowed to wear no-shows at OCS? I read elsewhere that you cannot.

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