How Much Do OCS Candidates Get Paid?

Candidate Question

What is the pay for an OCS candidate while attending OCS? Is it disbursed once a month?


Candidates are considered at the pay grade of a Sergeant or E-5, “or the highest pay grade achieved if” entering… “directly from current service at a pay grade above E-5.” In other words, there’s no pay cut if you’re a prior enlisted Marine attending OCS.

Military pay is disbursed twice a month by direct deposit.

Word of Caution

You will be responsible for several hundred dollars’ worth of uniform and equipment purchases before your first paycheck at OCS. Your OSO will give you the exact dollar amount to expect ahead of time, but be mindful that you cannot offset OCS pay with those purchases, which will be debited in the first couple days of onboarding.

Endurance Course OCS Barbed Wire
You’re not in this for the money.

In the past, some prior enlisted Marines have failed to receive paychecks at all until the end of OCS. It’s not clear if this problem is fixed, but going into OCS with some savings set aside can’t hurt.

Link to Military pay chart


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  1. Not concerned with how much pay but do candidates receive some form of Leave and Earnings Statements breaking down what the pay is and what was pulled for taxes, etc?

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