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Do new officers have to live on base in the officer’s barracks at The Basic School?

Can they stay off-base or rent an apartment nearby?


The majority of students at The Basic School will live in barracks on-base. If you are married and living nearby with your spouse, you will get a room on base but be considered a “brown-bagger,” commuting most days and still living off-base. Brown-baggers will receive BAH to cover those housing costs.

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Base housing

Base housing is assigned according to pay-grade and number of family members. Second Lieutenants reporting to TBS can expect to wait approximately 14-30 days for base housing depending upon availability. Lincoln Property Office operates base housing on Quantico. They are located inside building # 3049 next to the 7-day store, and can be contacted at (703) 630-0343.

Off-Base Housing

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Off-base housing is only authorized for TBS students who have dependents living in the vicinity of Quantico, Virginia. Incoming personnel should report to this office prior to renting/purchasing in the civilian community. You will receive helpful information on all types of off-base housing to include a list of approved and non-approved apartment complexes, mobile home parks, and rental/purchase information for condominiums, townhouses, and houses. Most apartment complexes are aware of how
much BAH the average lieutenant receives, and some have found that rental prices in the Stafford area can be $50-75 more than the average BAH.

  1. Don’t stretch yourself out financially; take time to shop around. Even if you need to look in Fredericksburg or Woodbridge, find a place your household can afford.
  2. Just as with base housing, list everything that needs repair or looks unusual.
  3. When renting out in town, pictures become even more important because you may need to refer to them when it comes time to move out.
  4. Inform your property manager of any discrepancies you find, document who you spoke to, what you told them, and date everything.
  5. Keep your list of discrepancies and corresponding pictures in a safe place.
  6. If your lease agreement guarantees special services such as dishwasher, washer/dryer or air conditioning repair, document any dysfunction of those services that the property management did not repair in a timely manner.
  7. Once you’ve paid for those services, you may be entitled to some discount/compensation for the lack of service.

The biggest challenge students have with off-base housing is getting their security deposits back when they move out. It’s a good idea to have the unit professionally cleaned before you move (i.e. carpets/drapes) and keep receipts for any cleaning service or repairs you have paid. If your property manager denies you the security deposit refund, request an itemized list of the discrepancies you are being charged for and compare it with your receipts and personal move in list. This is the best way to ensure that you are not being charged for problems that are not your fault. Your property manager is required to provide the list to you within 24 hours of your request. If you have any problems getting a list of questionable charges, contact base legal for assistance.

Numbers for Base/Off-Base Housing:

  • Family Housing Office (Base Housing) (703) 784-2711 ext. 4
  • Family Housing Office (Off-Base Housing) (703) 784-2711 ext. 1
  • Housing Maintenance Office (703) 784-2711 ext. 2

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  1. If you spouse does not go to TBS with you can you collect BAH for her housing costs while you live in a barracks room?

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