Updated: How to Choose Running Shoes Infographic

Courtesy of Walk Like a Butterfly, this infographic should be very helpful for new runners, such as many candidates.

Whether you are newcomer to running, an occasional weekend warrior who wants to complete his first 5K road race, or a veteran marathon runner seeking to break the 10K barrier in 40 minutes, or anywhere in between, you got to have the right pair of running shoes for your running activity.

However, with all the conflicting information out there, it’s hard to know what type of running shoes you should get. Needless to say, you find yourself asking the age old question “how to choose running shoes?”

So, I took the liberty of settling the debate on how to choose the right running shoes for your feet. Here is what I did.
I first consulted the orthopedic sources and podiatrists, well, let’s just call them feet experts. I discovered that there are four different types of feet arches, and four types of ankle movements. The feet experts really made my head spin with all their mumbo jumbo. I took good notes and then turned my notes into easy to understand graphics.

Then, I knocked at the doors of the shoe companies. They welcomed me with open arms and satisfied my curiosity about how to pick the right running shoes. They even showed their product lines to me which are designed according to a runner’s feet type and gait.
Still not satisfied, I went to the shoe vendors to find out what a runner needs to know before buying a running shoe. The vendors gave me valuable tips on how to spend my hard earned cash on a nice pair of running shoes.

Finally, I reached out to the bloggers who have been writing about all things running. The bloggers being nice chaps shared their wisdom on the subject of how a runner should go through the decision process when buying running shoes.

So, there you have it. I have listed the best piece of advice on how to choose running shoes in this infographic. I proudly call it the ultimate running shoe guide.

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  1. [Author] Daniel here. Thanks for sharing the infographic. I highly recommend that runners visit shoe stores, get a gait analysis and try out different pair of shoes. Since no two people are the same, they answer lies with finding what works best for you.

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