For Families: Send Mail to Your Candidates and Marines With Sandboxx

For both candidates and deployed Marines, there are few bright spots to cheer them during the trials they undergo. However, one of the happiest traditional events at OCS, Recruit Training, or overseas is Mail Call. Especially in today’s hyper-connected world, to be without one’s cell phone or any internet access really emphasizes the loneliness. Now a team of former Marines has created a new startup aimed in part at attacking that problem by using today’s technology.

Sending letters to OCS via an app is one component of the startup Sandboxx. Civilian Marine Sam Meek founded Sandboxx with this goal in mind:

Our mission is to connect the military community, our veterans, and the friends and family around them.
Our purpose is to free our military community of friction, so that they can focus on keeping us free.

OCS Address Format

Please note the following format. Failing to include all the correct identification could result in the letter being hung up in transit or returned.

Last, First, M., 8525
B Company, 1st Platoon OCS
2189 Elrod Avenue
QUANTICO VA 22134-5033

Send Mail to Your Marine (to-be) Via The Sandboxx App

Mailboxx: How it Works

Take It From Here

Make sure to tell your friends and family about Mailboxx before you head to OCS or even a deployment. As the future leaders of the Marine Corps, also think about sharing such assets as these with your Marines. Most of them will not be aware of many programs and benefits like Mailboxx.

Unit-Specific Secure Social Communication

Once you’re in the fleet, continue to use Sandboxx, which is a social network unique to the military.

What makes it worth your time is that it’s the only network that allows you to find and keep in touch with other Marines who served in the same unit with you at the same time.

Seriously: Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Sandboxx link
Check out Sandboxx yourself by clicking the logo

Since we heard about Sandboxx, their developing work and success have really excited us at the USMC OCS Blog, because it seems especially valuable to our audience. As both participants in OCS training, cut off from the world, and as future unit leaders, officer candidates seem to have a high potential to benefit from the Sandboxx team’s products.

“Developed for service members by service members, Sandboxx is the tool our service members have been waiting for to make keeping in touch with all the most important people in their lives easier and more enjoyable.”
Major General Ray Smith
(USMC Ret.)
Founder & Chairman of the Board

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