Packing list update: bring this tape if you’re headed to OCS!

Thank you for reviewing our packing list, Second Lieutenant Will. The Fall 2016 graduate shared this update after his commissioning:

Kendall Wet-pruf Waterproof Tape Packing List
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But something for your packing list, that needs to go NUMBER ONE on the list is Kendall Covidien Waterproof tape. They’ve changed how sleeping works, which puts an absolute premium on night time time management and subsequently, gear markings. That tape, coupled with a waterproof map pen, will save candidates at least an hour of sleep during the first several weeks when sleep deprivation injuries are at their highest.

We’ve previously written how your sleep deficit is perhaps the greatest risk to your career you’ll face at OCS. Creating name tapes with your name stencilled on tape is a constant chore at OCS, one which usually takes place overnight. Make sure you’re getting the one inch wide tape option. Every day you will have to be sporting clean name tapes on your uniform, as well as multiple pieces of gear. Along with go-fasters and boots and boot socks, tape is one of the top most important things to have at OCS. While you will be issued (/forced to buy) tape there, this waterproof tape will hold up better through the elements.

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  1. Thank you for sharing , trying to embrace all this while our daughter Candidate Karp, is at OCS,

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