Example Mini OCS (aka OCS Prep Weekend) Gear List (2017)

What is “Mini-OCS”?

OCS Prep Weekend, or “Mini-OCS” is a short, realistic weekend experience to expose candidates to facets of OCS before they ship. It prepares you for OCS, simply enough. We’ve written about it here before:

My Mini OCS Experience

Video Overview of OCS Prep Weekend


Your OCS Prep Weekend Packing List

This gear list was shared by a candidate who recently (May 2017) attended an OCS Prep Weekend. We’re sharing with the thought that it might help some of you in putting on or attending a Mini-OCS:

Mini OCS Gear List

On Person

  • Broken in boots (preferably Marine Corps style/issued)
  • Green tri-color camouflage trousers or cargo pants
  • Belt
  • Black/Blue dry fit Marine Officer shirt (one will be issued once on bus)*
  • Boot socks
  • Underwear (conservative in style)
  • Pocket sized notebook
  • Pen or mechanical pencil
  • Wallet (Placed in one quart Ziploc bag, last name written on bag)
    • ID Card (license or state ID)
    • $20 cash (for purchases, recommended not required)
    • Debit/credit cards (as needed, recommended not required)

Duffel Bag/Back Pack

  • Proper civilian attire (for inspection/departure
    • Khakis or similar pants
    • Belt
    • Collared shirt (polo or button down)
    • Shoes (closed toe, non-athletic)
    • Underwear (conservative in style)
    • Dress socks
  • (1) running shoes (no vibram toe shoes)
  • (1) long sleeve t-shirt
  • (3) pair underwear (conservative in style)
  • (3) pair boot socks
  • (2) pair white PT socks
  • (2) pair running/gym shorts (dark color, conservative in style)
  • (1) sweatshirt (for sleeping only)
  • (1) flashlight w/extra batteries
  • (1) towel
  • (1) pair shower shoes/flip-flops
  • (1) Hygiene bag
    • Toothbrush
    • Toothpaste
    • Razor
    • Shaving cream
    • Shampoo/conditioner
    • Hairspray (females only)
    • Large ziplock bag (for above items)
    • Bug spray
    • Sunscreen/block
    • Hand sanitizer
A future Lieutenant enjoys learning important leadership lessons from a Drill Instructor at Mini OCS Prep Weekend aboard Parris Island
A future Lieutenant enjoys learning important leadership lessons from a Drill Instructor at Mini OCS aboard Parris Island

*Name tag will be placed on upper back using 2” white athletic tape and black permanent marker.  The name tag will be secured using (2) safety pins placed at both ends of the tape.  Name tag will read “LName, FI OST” in 1” block lettering. Stencil is preferred but not required.
For example Candidate John Smith from OST Gainesville will have “Smith, J GAN” on his name tag.  These name tags need to be prepared before boarding the buses.  It is recommended that candidates bring multiple name tapes.

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By Cpl. Kyle Welshans | 4th Marine Corps District | May 1, 2015

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