Candidate Question: P90X for Crunches Problem

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Candidate Question:

I’m in the process of applying for active duty OCC next fall and have been doing monthy PFTs on campus with my OSOs. Running is my strong point, pull ups are at seventeen or so, but for some reason I am having immense difficulty with the crunches. This is the event that most of the students pass with ease, but I’m only getting anywhere from fifty to seventy. I’m losing a lot of points here and I don’t understand why my body is petering out. I’ve been doing crunches once a day until I simply can’t do anymore. Am I breaking myself down or am I not doing enough? Are there any other exercises that might help with the timed crunches?


Take a break! Make sure you’re not over-training. Also, breathe very deeply and slow down as you do the crunches so that you don’t burn out too fast. Try doing the Ab Ripper X workout from P90X every other day, with a full day of total core rest in between.

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Do it slowly and deliberately. You will improve but it can take a while. Those are my best suggestions for you. Lastly, if you know any Marines, have them watch you do your crunches–you may be screwing something up about the form.

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