Candidate Q: High School Preparation for USMC OCS

Candidate Question:

As a sophomore in High School, how can I better myself…especially at a young age? I can do 90 push-ups, 13 pull-ups, 100 crunches, but I have not done much running. Unfortunately I don’t participate in any sports but I am in some clubs (yet I don’t have any leadership positions). I am very motivated to joining the Corps as an officer, I will do whatever I can to honor those who fell before me and their sacrifices that made this country possible. But above all, I want to lead my men and serve a worthy cause in the name of our freedom. I also get good grades. What would you recommend I do at this age? Also, I know I have a long time to wait, but when is the best time to contact an OSO for the Juniors PLC.


· Demonstrate and develop leadership by assuming positions of leadership whenever possible. Make it a goal. I’d also recommend getting a mentor, say a retired service member, and taking him out to lunch once a month to pick his brain about his service, about leadership, and at your age, manhood in general. If you want to lead Marines, it’s time to grow up.
· Keep your grades up, don’t get tattoos, and keep a clean criminal record.
· Increase your already good level of physical fitness. Cardio is king.
· Talk to an OSO as soon as you get to college, but no need sooner.
And, for fun, watch some USMC movies like Full Metal Jacket or Generation Kill. Stay motivated!

3 thoughts on “Candidate Q: High School Preparation for USMC OCS

  1. If this fellow is only a sophomore in High School, maybe he should be informed to explore the other options out there via Naval Academy or NROTC. He still has plenty of time to prepare and go through the application process for those two programs.

  2. If this kid’s high school XC, Track and Swim teams are no-cut, I’d recommend he join them (or try out if there are cuts). This provides a lot of opportunity to improve his cardio and get better at running with a coach to help him. I knew a lot of kids in school who did at least one of these sports to get in better shape for their main sport (football, lacrosse, etc.).

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