Leadership Advice for Future Marine Officers Still in High School

Future Candidate’s Question:

Hi, I’m a high school junior wanting to know what you did for leadership postitions to prepare for your application and as a future officer. I hold a leadership role in a school club and am joining National Honor Society. I know that I’m a few years away from applying, but that leadership is one of the key things that the selection officer looks for in people wanting to join.


Leadership Positions: Think Outside the Box

You need to develop yourself as a leader with a comprehensive program. Think bigger picture than just occupying leadership positions. Start there, with leadership positions in any clubs or school groups that you can. The OSO would look highly upon being captain of a sports team in high school or college. Do you have any hobbies, like football, music, or computer skills that you could turn into a small business? Initiative like that really helps you stand out.

Make Leadership a Lifelong StudyMarine Leading the Way

For developing your leadership apart from that, make sure to study leadership by reading books on leadership in addition to the books for candidates. Interview community leaders one-on-one by identifying some you know in your church, school, local government or businesses and offering to take them out to lunch. Come prepared with questions ahead of time about their career and leadership challenges they’ve faced. Definitely include any military officers if you know any.

You are very wise to begin preparing this early. Don’t be too lazy or insecure to begin doing these things! Especially interviewing local leaders. If you want a great resource, just show up to the local VFW on a monthly meeting night and tell them your plans. Old veterans will have so much to say, they’ll take it from there.

Good luck and Semper Fi

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