Quench Cravings at OCS

You’re doing your pullups. You’re memorizing the general orders of the guard. You’re even breaking in your Bates that you were smart enough to buy.

But you’re still making crucial mistakes that will cause you unneeded stress while at OCS. You need to control your addictions now.

What are you addicted to?

We’re not talking about cocaine levels of addiction. What habit is a crucial part of your routine? Any cravings for things you’re “addicted” to before OCS that they don’t offer you there could be distracting. Try varying when you consume, limiting your habits, or even quitting some cold turkey. Or maybe the way you’re built is that you’d be better off doing as much as possible now while you have the chance. Think “habits” such as SLEEP.

At OCS there is

No smoking or dipping

No alcohol

No sweets

No snacking outside three meals a day


No sex

Do you even still want to go anymore?

Just work on a mantra. Repeating “it’s only ten weeks” can get you through a lot. Good luck, stay strong, and keep your eye on the goal.

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