What’s the Best Piece of Gear for Becoming an Officer?

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar
Getting ripped is a nice byproduct of military fitness

So your goal is a 300 PFT, and OCS success on the way to becoming an officer. You know you should be doing a few hundred pullups a week, and get up to that 20 pullup set with confidence–but you’re not. Are you. Mhmm. Well, with an indoor pullup bar, you’ll have no excuse since a set of pullups will be closer than your TV, kitchen, or maybe even bathroom.

I wish I had a dollar for every time a candidate tells me his pullups just aren’t “coming along.”   Well, genius, do you do 200 pullups a week? 100?  Do you have a convenient pullup bar? Well, no wonder.

Keep It Simple, Stupid

The entire workout on this site can be done with your bodyweight, somewhere to run, and this pullup bar. I used that simple formula to go from 11 pull ups to a max set of 24, and consistent 100 points on the pullup portion of the PFT.

You will do thousands of pullups at OCS and in your Marine Corps career. Don’t you want to start out strong? Swing by your local sporting goods store or just order it on Amazon. Easy.

Just Get One. Then Do The Work!

Pull Up Bar Indoors
Get Yourself the Iron Gym Pull Up Bar on Amazon

Armstrong Pullup Program

If you’re not doing it, you’re not a candidate.

Armstrong Pullup Program
Armstrong Pullup Program is of course the number one pullup workout anywhere for PFT success.

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