Battles Won Marine Corps commercial

Battles Won: New 2017 Marine Corps Commercial

We have a motivating new Marine Corps commercial! It utilizes the new slogan or tagline “Battles Won.”

Incredible homage to our illustrious history and values… But do you feel like there’s something missing?

Battles aren’t won solely on the field
That’s a common misconception
Battles are won within
Over enemies of fear
Enemies of doubt
In that place where promises are kept
Promises to oneself
Promises to one’s community
Promises to one’s country
In the heart of every Marine
You’ll find a promise
A promise forever kept
A promise of Battles Won

Battles Won Marine Corps commercial
Battles Won: the new Marine Corps advertising campaign and slogan


Amid Scandal, Marines Roll Out ‘Battles Won’ Ad Campaign

While Marine Corps Recruiting Command officials have indicated they may shelve the Marines’ iconic slogan “The Few, The Proud,” in order to find a tagline that more fully expresses what the Corps does and why it exists, “Battles Won,” is not that tagline

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