Marine Corps Birthday Ball Message 2017

The Marine Corps birthday has been celebrated each year since General Lejeune himself instituted the tradition in 1921. On 10 November, 1775, the Continental Congress resolved, “That two Battalions of Marines be raised….” in founding our beloved Corps.

Marines all over the world celebrate the birthday with a ball (as able), cake, and the reading of General Lejeune’s message.

At the Marine Corps birthday ball, the reading of General Lejeune's message
At the Marine Corps birthday ball, the reading of General Lejeune’s message

The Marine Corps birthday video

Additionally, each celebration includes a watching of a special message from the current Commandant and Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps. You can see this year’s message here:

Other traditional components of the celebration have been added over the years, like the viewing of the current Commandant’s birthday video message. Generally the commanding officer cuts the birthday cake and presents the first and second pieces of cake to the oldest and youngest Marines present. Chow halls serve steak and lobster. Even at OCS!  The Marine Corps birthday is a proud tradition and a very important day to all Marines and their families. Connect with the Marines in your life today.

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