Candidate Q: OCS Boots

Candidate Questions:

Great website, it is very helpful! I am hoping to go to OCC in January, but I have a question about boots. You mentioned that getting a pair beforehand would be a good idea.
Can you take those boots with you to OCC once you have broken them in?
What brand do they issue you at OCC?
You mention jungles, would you recommend a particular brand or is it just whatever fits best?


When I went to OCS, I was able to bring my Bates Lights I had broken in beforehand. Bates Lights were a no-go, but have now been approved again for OCS. Yeah, it’s just dependent on your own foot. Whatever works for you. I recommend googling “Quantico Boot,” and seeing what the approved USMC boot styles are and whatever is in your price range.
I think they issue Bates or Bellevilles.

If I were you, I would get my preferred boot on Amazon: The Bates 30501

If you don’t have boots yet, I highly recommend getting  early from Amazon, so that you have time to exchange them if they don’t fit right. You really want some good time to break them in. Your first pair might not be the right size, so don’t put off getting them!

Bates E30501 Men's USMC DuraShocks(r) Hot Weather Boot Beige/Khaki 10 M US
The Bates E30501 Men’s USMC DuraShocks Hot Weather Boot is the most commonly worn boot for USMC officers and mine have lasted years and years.

Another Lt’s response:

Dont get a pair before hand anymore or buy a pair on libo. They issue you a pair of Jungles and Moonboots when you get there. They are Bates and are all you need for OCS. When you get to TBS you will have a better idea of what you want and need in terms of equipment. They give you all that you need when you get there and anything you want to improve or replace can be done on libo or during haircuts when you go to the small MCX. A good pair of socks and some mole skin is all you should need to get on top of the boots for your feet.

Other things to bring if you want (not needed)
-Slider/compression shorts (decrease friction between thight on hikes)
– must not be seen while wearing PT gear.
-Magnum black permanent marker (2)
-Small round nose scissors
-a few large plastic ziploc bags (to put knowledge in)
-erasable pens (for essays)
-A laminated 5 paragraph order sheet. (admin can post one to print and laminate)

One thought on “Candidate Q: OCS Boots

  1. First of all, I would forewarn anyone showing up to OCS who has not been engaging in some serious PT hours while wearing boots. 20% of a candidate’s total grade is now comprised of PT events that require boots: CFT, Endurance Course, O-Course, and the 15k Conditioning hump. The preparation workout schedule outlined on this site is quite superb, but a bit lacking in emphasis upon combat conditioning that is so stressed at OCS these days. In addition to the graded PT events, the 3 mile boot run, the LBV conditioning platoon run, and the 3 trips through the Endurance course will properly thrash you, if not prepared. The contrast between those in my class that had and had not prepared prior to arrival was painfully evident throughout my platoon and more so when week 5 and 7 boards came around. I would amend the one-day a week sprint workout outlined on this site by adding boots to that equation and putting in some 400-800m intervals and, perhaps, a few hills along that route.

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