Candidate Q: Obstacle Course Tips?

Candidate Question:

I am currently in NROTC at [college omitted]. I am applying for a PLC contract at this time. My question is, my PFT is pretty solid. However, I’m in shape, I’m just not athletic. Things like the O-Course are a serious challenge for me. We hardly ever run it on a regular basis (once every two to three months because we have so many outfits and a select window), so I don’t get enough practice for a guy like me to really get it to sink in. So, what can I do to help develop coordination, balance and things of that nature that can be applied at the course? I appreciate your time.


Great question. The O-Course is a big part of OCS but a very small part of your overall career.

The TBS Obstacle Course is almost identical to the OCS one:

If you’re not athletic, the answer is going to be athletics! Can you play basketball, baseball, or soccer with friends? Get on an intramural frisbee team? Do balance, agility, and core drills with a personal trainer? One way the author improved coordination and poise was by taking a dancing class in college. Talk about overcoming some embarrassment! Think outside the box in ways that are convenient and available for yourself. Probably one of the best exercises for balance, core strength, body awareness, poise, and flexibility is going to be yoga. Even if you just pay for one or two lessons and then continue on your own, I highly recommend trying out yoga.

And putting yourself out there in a new activity may result in a little awkwardness but you’ll only gain some more self-confidence. Which is key at OCS and beyond, right?

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