Candidate Q: Easing Into Running


I have two questions.

1- I recently sustained a foot injury from doing too much too soon (went from a lazy couch bum to 3 mile runs every day). The doctor said I need to rest it then ‘ease’ back into running. Summer break is approaching and lasts for 3 months. What is a good way to ‘ease’ back into my running while still making my run time better for when I get back to 3 miles?
Once I arrive back to school in August I’m hoping to contract and go before a board for next summer.

2. Since I missed this summer’s board because of the injury, my option is now PLC Combined next summer. I was wondering if you knew the general start/finish of that course (i.e first of May-first of August).


1. Just do other cardio. Swimming will be the best, then maybe elliptical, running on soft ground, rope training, boxing, rowing, circuit training. Just don’t run for a long time–you don’t need it to greatly improve your cardio. Intense swimming will help your running quite a bit.

2. Got to call an OSO. It’s ten weeks long. Probably roughly 1 June start time.

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