USMC Boot Review: Danners


Danners Are the Best.

That’s the bottom line. “Everyone” who has Danners loves them. They feel so comfortable and natural from the very first time you put them on. The Danner RAT boots pictured above are now standard issue to every Marine headed on a deployment. Danners are very well cushioned inside, which contributes to the insulation (great in winter, a little hot in summer though).

Their RATs are robust and have surpassed the Bates in endurance so clearly that the Marine Corps broke its contract with Bates to supply Danners exclusively in 2010.

There are two main types of Danners that Marines use:

Danner RATs

Danner RAT boots
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Rugged All-Terrain boots were developed with and for the USMC. These are some of the most popular boots for Marines to use in the field. They are heavy duty which is great for tough terrain or humping. They’re not going to beat out your Bates lights for running or garrison wear around the office. The waterproof part over the toe and heel helps keep them dry when marching through wet grass or snow. That feature alone relieves you from so many headaches at TBS and beyond! You can get used to running in these boots before OCS, and you’ll love them at TBS just don’t plan on them being your extra pair of boots at OCS!

This waterproof boot features a steel toe, abrasion resistant PU coated toe and heel cap, speed lace fastening system, breathable moisture-wicking mesh lining, and Vibram 360 outsole with Vibram’s Dri-Ice compound for superior traction in rugged cold weather environments.

Danner Marine Temperate Military Boot

Danner’s USMC temperate boots.

Made in the USA and USMC certified, the Danner® Marine is built to serve. Constructed with rough-out full-grain leather for toughness, and a Vibram® Sierra outsole for comfort. Dri-Lex® lining ensures rapid drying and air exchange to mitigate hot weather. The boots lace to the toe for better fit and support, and Danner’s famous stitchdown construction gives a more stable platform and superior durability.

These are the classic Danners. The fit is just as comfortable, adjustable, and cushioned as the RATs.


Generally Danners are the most expensive option for USMC boots. Check here for latest prices.


Danner Marine Boots are sized a 1/2 size smaller than the average shoe size.


Danners are the most durable USMC-approved boot, on the opposite end of the spectrum from the Bates Lights. The RATs get a slight edge over the temperate boots, but both are an investment that will last you years.

Bottom Line

Danners are the most comfortable, best designed, and most rugged boot. Invest in a pair of temperates first, as you can afford. The RATs are probably your best choice.

8 thoughts on “USMC Boot Review: Danners

    1. Bates Lites by far. They are significantly lighter and also more flexible. Danners Temperates are better for humps and just longevity. Hope that helps!

  1. Where did you get this “priors can only wear Rats at OCS” info? I saw several “non-prior” candidates wear Danner Rats at OCS, myself being one of them. From my understanding, you can wear whatever USMC boot you want, you just have to buy and bring them yourself.

    1. Thanks for the input.Things have changed since this article was written and we have updated it to reflect current allowances at OCS.

  2. This seems like an old post(?). Do you have an updated review of approved boots? From everything I have read, Bates Lights are still preferred for running at OCS and then Danners for humping. I have a daughter who will be attending OCS this summer and wanted to get her a pair to break in. Danners or Bates? From what I can tell, any are better than the old black leather combat boots I was issued (86-94).

  3. Great Danner boots review and buying guide! This was super informative and helped me make a confident choice. Thanks, Renee Roaming! 👢🌟

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