The Ultimate CFT Preparation Workout

The Ultimate CFT Preparation Workout is courtesy of Marine, your number one source for help on the Combat Fitness Test



This workout plan provides for 3 workouts a week with 1 active recovery day. Every training day consists of a warmup, intense workout, and a cooldown. The equipment ideally includes a 35 pound ammo can, dumbbells, and a barbell. For your active recovery day, although a bike or elliptical is recommended, swimming or any other aerobic activity that is soft on your joints could work.

Day 1

  • Warmupbarbell-shoulder-press
  • Ammo Can Press
    • 1:00 max lifts, 1:00 rest. Repeat.
  • Barbell Overhead Shoulder Press 2×8, 1:00 rests
  • Pushups
    • Fewest sets required to get to 50
  • Sprints
    • 200 yds x 4, 1:00 rests
  • Cool down

Day 2

Day 3

  • Warmup
  • Ammo Can Lifts, Speed Sets
    • 5×25, rest 1-2 min
    • Complete as fast as possible
  • Incline Dumbbell Pressdumbbell-incline-chest-press
    • 4×15, working to 4×5
    • Your first week on the program, do 4 sets of 15 reps. Each week, lower the reps and increase the weights
  • Sprints
    • 2×800 yards, 5:00 rest
  • Feet-elevated Pushups
    • 50 pushups, minimal rest
  • Cool down

Active Recovery Day

  • Stretch/Yoga
  • Bike/Elliptical or any easy aerobic exercise to get the blood flowing
  • Use either The Stick or a foam roller to get in some self-massage

    Sample Foam Roller Exercises

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