2017 Candidates, Are You Ready for the Marine Combat Fitness Test?

At OCS, candidates will transition to exercising more with boots and utes (MARPAT Camouflage) as the cycle progresses. This type of workout is epitomized by the Marine Combat Fitness Test (CFT). It is recommended that candidates have some exposure to working out in boots. Realistically, working out in boots is not much different than running shoes, however, there is a mental aspect that makes it seem tougher.

CFT Ammo Cans
Ammo Cans. Weighing 35 lbs

Marine CFT

Candidates will be evaluated using the CFT several times during their time at OCS.  It is important for candidates to break in their boots well and to know how to care for their boots. Below is a workout to get candidates used to exercising in boots and utes.

A video of the events of the CFT can be viewed Here

Marine CFT
Put the team on your back!

The Workout

880-meter run

Mountain Climbers 20 x 4 count.

Side Straddle Hops (Jumping Jacks) 15 x 4 count.

Push Ups 35

High Knees 20 x 2 count.

Air Squats 30

Flutter Kicks 2 minutes

Complete the rotation four times. 45 seconds rest between rotations.

Regulations for the combat fitness test can be found Here. Thanks to usmcofficer.com

Marines, what are your suggestions for CFT benchmark workouts? Comment below with your workout.

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