Am I Too Short to Become a Marine Officer?

Candidate Question:

I will be applying for the OCS class who will enter in June of this year. This is a silly concern- but I’m 5’0 tall- even. I know that that everything will be exceptionally more challenging for me considering my size but watching O Course videos online makes me feel like it will be impossible for me to pass the O course in time as well as any other challenges – any advice to help me feel less anxious about it?


Quick question, are you female? Because if so, many females get through OCS who are less than 5′. I even know two males who were top candidates in my OCS platoon about 5′ tall and about 130 pounds and 120 pounds. They excelled!

You will need to modify your training. Start yesterday doing heavy, heavy deadlifts. Conventional or Romanian will build the strong foundation for humps. Do plyometrics several times a week. It would be great to get your vertical leap higher, because the O Course can be challenging for shorter candidates. And lastly, do lots of those pullups and learn how to climb a rope fast–using your *legs* since that will be a challenge as well.

Can you succeed? Of course! It’s been done before. If you want to be a Marine Officer so badly that you’ll ram your head through a wall, then nothing need stop you. But the above training suggestions can really set you up for success.

Sound good?

Semper Fi and good luck. You’ll do great.

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  1. As a 5 foot tall recent grad… it can be done. Hikes suck though. The bounding logs aren’t bad just get good at jumping and tricep dips. We had one candidate that was 4″10′ and did fine in all the physical events.

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