USMC Boot Review: Bates Boots

The Bottom Line: Reasonable Boots for Every Occasion Bates are generally the least expensive of the small number of officially approved USMC boots. Anecdotally, they seem to be the most widely-worn brand in the fleet. There are several different models, so don’t get confused: Bates E30501 Men’s USMC DuraShocks Hot Weather Boot This is the temperate or hot weather boot offering by Bates. Hot weather boots of … Continue reading USMC Boot Review: Bates Boots

Bates lights on Amazon

Bates Lights boots at OCS

A short primer 2009–Yes Bates Lights were used and were “kosher” for any and all events when I attended OCS. They were especially useful for the E-Course, but were disallowed or discouraged on the O-Course since they have terrible traction on the rope. 2011–Banned? Bates Lights were disallowed from OCS totally, according to multiple sources. “I am going to OCS on May 27 this year. … Continue reading Bates Lights boots at OCS

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The Top 10 Items Every Candidate Should Bring To OCS

Thank you to Candidate S for sharing her tips after attending OCS in 2019! 1.) Broken-in boots Lightweight and comfy combat boots to wear on the everyday. Not your O-course/endurance/stamina course boots. Not your inspection boots. Just good, comfortable, broken in boots (Bates Lites are a common choice). You should be able to walk, run, and drill in these, as you will wear them for … Continue reading The Top 10 Items Every Candidate Should Bring To OCS

Top Things I Wish I Knew Before OCS

Thank you to Candidate Chris for this guest post! Here are somethings I wish I knew before leaving to OCS that you would only find out during your wonderful stay in paradise. Weather Conditions I was in a fall OCC class and I kept hearing that was the best time to go because it isn’t too cold or too hot and well, it is actually … Continue reading Top Things I Wish I Knew Before OCS

Headed To Fall OCS? Part 2

Thanks to 2ndLt for answering our questions on OCS in the fall. Read Part 1 of his article. Q: Retrospectively, how should candidates prepare for OCS? Understand that at OCS you will almost never be given a long distance and told to just run. You will have a 3-mile boots and utes run, and  5-mile run towards the end of the cycle, along with three PFTs. … Continue reading Headed To Fall OCS? Part 2

Headed to Fall OCS? Here is Everything You Need to Know

We recently interviewed a new graduate of fall OCS in 2017. Thanks to Candidate X for their insight into the new changes implemented with fall OCS. Q: How did you study for the new test structure? Speaking in general terms about my study habits, I made sure to put in as much time as possible studying before I set foot on Brown Field, and I would … Continue reading Headed to Fall OCS? Here is Everything You Need to Know

Humps (Hikes) at OCS

Hikes (known as humps) at OCS are one of the more difficult training evolutions that candidates will face on Brown Field. Preparation There are a few ways that candidates can help themselves prepare for humps. Most humps will occur before a major evaluation such as the Leadership Reaction Course or Small Unit Leadership Evaluation. You will spend the night in the field before the training evolution … Continue reading Humps (Hikes) at OCS

Know Your Boot Sock

Blisters are caused by heat, moisture, and friction. Foot care and boot sock choice are important factors in preventing issues with your feet. Taking the extra time to care for your feet is worth losing sleep or gaining the attention of the Sergeant Instructors. Two sock brands that are common at OCS are Thorlos and Fox River. Personally, the Fox River socks are my go-to … Continue reading Know Your Boot Sock

Ask an OSO Video

I interviewed Marine Corps officer Capt Stoddard, who is the Officer Selection Officer (OSO) for OSS Saint Louis today. We covered the top questions received on the blog and in our facebook page. Feel free to connect with either of us in Sandboxx as well. Note: we shot an hour of supplemental footage, containing advice exclusively available to future Marine Officers in the Sandboxx app. … Continue reading Ask an OSO Video